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Dehli rape protest 300x200 article
Where is your line?

This Isn't About Tourism: On Travel, Rape, and India

An American woman was gang-raped in the northern Indian town of Manali. The 30-year old joins a long list of women and girls who have fallen victim to sexual violence in the country in recent months. This apparent epidemic is concerning, certainly. But is the most pertinent message we can take from it really, as others are suggesting, that India is an unsafe destination for tourists?

Where is your line?

This Community Stood Behind A Survivor – At Any Cost

Until we have found ourselves in the situation of being repeatedly raped by our own father whilst the rest of our family are absent, we can never know what our reaction will be. When an 18-year-old girl in Papua New Guinea found herself in this exact situation, it was her decision to...

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Where is your line?

Cheerleading Coach Violates Another Cheerleader – Guess Who ...

Having already been convicted of molesting a 16-year-old cheerleader in 2008, he has now been arrested on suspicion of the first-degree rape and second-degree sex abuse of a 17-year-old former cheerleader.

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Where is your line?

William Roache, Rape Apologist, Charged with Rape

William Roache, 81, the world’s longest serving soap actor as Ken Barlow in Britain’s Coronation Street, was quoted in March this year saying that victims of sexual abuse are responsible for what has happened to them, because “everything that happens to us has been a result of what we have been in previous lives”. Yesterday, he was charged with two counts of rape involving a 15-year old girl.

Where is your line?

Anti-Rape Underwear: Same Victim-Blaming, Different Package

As women, we are acutely aware of the fear of rape. With statistics suggesting that 1 in 6 to 1 in 4 American women have experienced it, there’s no reason not to be.

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Where is your line?

This Is An Enthusiastic Consent Appreciation Post

Picture the scene: you’re about to have sex. Good for you! But before you get going, there’s something you’ve got to do first. You need to get enthusiastic consent from your partner.

Where is your line?

'Girls Gone Wild' founder convicted of sexual assault.

You could say that the sort of guy who made millions out of filming drunk young women as they expose themselves maybe wouldn’t have the highest levels of respect for women. You would be right.

Twitter logo hashtag 510x382 article
Where is your line?

We Need to Make #TwitterNoise, Not #TwitterSilence

It’s become pretty obvious just recently that Twitter has a huge problem with misogyny. That might not be news to a lot of women who use the site; we’ve been getting this kind of abuse for our entire Internet lives.