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O feminism facebook article
The Huffington Post United Kingdom

This Is Not What Feminism Looks Like

So, what does a feminist look like? I'm afraid it doesn't look like Cumberbatch, and it doesn't look like anyone who believes that forcing sex workers out of employment because they need 'saving' is the best way forward. Feminism must address the needs of all women and include the voices...

O graduate facebook article
The Huffington Post United Kingdom

The Post-Graduate Blues and How to Fight Them

So, you're about to graduate. Congratulations! I'm proud of you. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, though, but as much as this feels like the final hurdle, it isn't. And that's what makes the Post-Graduate Blues so painful....

O sex ed under attack colleges facebook article
The Huffington Post United Kingdom

Teens Need a Sex Ed That Tackles Sexting and Porn - Explaining the Benefits, Not Just the Risks

If the government is really committed to giving teens the SRE that they deserve, then it should recognise that this aspect of sex and relationships - the pleasurable part - is just as important as the potential dangers. There is nothing wrong with young people wanting to watch porn, wanting...

O 468802383 facebook article
The Huffington Post United Kingdom

Commuting to University Is Viable, But Think Twice

I'm a 21-year old graduate of a London university, and I've never lived away from home. I work in London, my partner and friends live in London, all I want is to live in London, but I'm still in my parents' house in the tiny seaside town I grew up...

O abortion facebook article
The Huffington Post United Kingdom

When Women Are Prepared to Die to Terminate A Pregnancy, We Need to Listen

We need laws, and we need a shift in public discourse, that reflects this. If abortion was universally free, safe, accessible, and decriminalised up to the point of birth, pregnant people would not feel the need to place themselves in extreme danger time and time again....

O zoella facebook article
The Huffington Post United Kingdom

Zoella Isn't Bad for Young Girls, But Branding Her Vacuous for Liking Make Up Is

The obsession society has with scrutinising young women in the public eye for their ability to be role models is nothing new, and is perpetuated even by women who consider themselves feminists. Wanting women to be empowered and free is surely at direct odds with wanting them to conform to...

The Huffington Post United Kingdom

UK Feminism Doesn't Need Femen's Imperialism

For women to be free from oppression, they must be able to do what they choose. Femen's brand of empowerment is doing what Femen tells you to do, which in this case is to be naked. Whilst it is absolutely right that women should be able to be naked if...

O sandi toksvig facebook article
The Huffington Post United Kingdom

Unless the Women's Equality Party Represents All Women, It's Not Really For Equality At All

If we really care about ending violence against women, we have to listen to all women. I only hope the Women's Equality Party bears that in mind. Realising the limitations and inaccuracies of the phrase 'both sexes' would be a good starting point....

O campus rape facebook article
The Huffington Post United Kingdom

Comparing Things That Aren't Rape to Rape Contributes to a Culture That Normalises Rape, and You Should Stop

It is appropriate for celebrities, and especially female celebrities to open up discussions about the treatment that they face at the hands of the paparazzi and the media in general, but it is not appropriate to compare it to the very specific act of physical and psychological violence that rape...