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UK: Street Harassment, The Initation Into Adulthood

I remember being jealous of my friend who confessed to being wolf-whistled by the waste collectors she passed on her way to school...

England: “Everyday Lesbophobia"

When people talk about the street harassment of women and the street harassment of the LGBT community, it is not always acknowledged that whilst sexism and homophobia are different oppressions, they meet at a significant intersection, too.

Underground2 article

UK: New Campaign Addresses Transit Harassment

I stand alongside the 15 per cent of women who responded to a Transport for London (TfL) survey and reported that they had experienced some form of sexual harassment or assault on the London transport network.

Ec underpass article

UK: Our Reality Isn’t Your Fantasy

I was nervous enough about having to use the underpass in the early evening wearing my new dress, so when the men walking past decided to wolf-whistle at me, I was a little shaken.